Best way to choose the right therapist for your needs

Searching for a suitable therapist online might yield hundreds or thousands of results. You may be confused or not know how to select a therapist best to fulfil your requirements.  Therapy Fort started its journey to make this arduous task easy in choosing the right therapist near you.

Choose the right therapist for your needs

Depending on your symptoms and the age group e.g. early years specialist, adult and geriatric specialist you can select the therapist near you. Contact the therapist beforehand to ascertain the suitability of the therapist for your requirements.

The therapist should be willing to collaborate with multi-professional team

A single therapist is enough to offer support in many situations, but in other conditions, you might get involved with multiple specialist therapists to work together to achieve the best outcome. For example, cerebral palsy and spinal injury, autism and life skills in the elderly/geriatric age group.

Choose a specialist therapist who can treat your symptoms and problems

Check whether the therapist has the right expertise and skill set to treat you. The therapists register with professional organisations depending on their area of experience, e.g. HCPC (The Health and Care Professionals Council). The latter is a statutory regulator for professionals from 15 different disciplines in the health and care professions in the United Kingdom.  For physiotherapists, you can also check in The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). 

Have a list of questions prepared for the first meeting or before meeting the therapist

Make a list of your questions before the consultation to highlight to the therapist.


Ask yourself whether you prefer a short period or a long period of treatment.


Check whether the therapist is covered by your insurance plan. Also, check the upper limit and how much you may have to pay from your own pocket.

Best wishes

Therapy Fort team