Physiotherapists are specialist therapists who provide support with body posture, body movement and improving the strength of muscles to achieve optimum independence in bodily functions.

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Speech and language therapists have a diverse set of specialist skills that they use to identify the communication and swallowing problems, assess the severity, make their recommendations, deliver support and monitor the patient’s improvement.

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Losing weight does not need to be a very hard process. There is a lot of misinformation out there about losing weight and diets which can end up causing more harm than good. Many weight loss plans and diets are restrictive and actually quite negative which can lead to struggling to motivate yourself towards your goal.


Depending on your symptoms and the age group e.g. early years specialist, adult and geriatric specialist you can select the therapist near you. Contact the therapist beforehand to ascertain the suitability of the therapist for your requirements.

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A personal trainer trains you in such a way that you develop good habits for the rest of your life. You see a positive change in yourself, and people get good vibes from you. A habit which we develop little by little stays with us for a long time, and only a good personal trainer develops these habits in you this way.

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Pregnancy involves significant physiological changes within the body. Many, but not all people experience body changes, weak abdominal muscles and weak pelvic muscles after pregnancy and delivery. Common issues include leaky urine [urinary incontinence], back pain and floppy tummy [weakness of abdominal muscles].

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Art therapy is the usage of artistic methods and techniques for treating psychological issues and nourishing mental health. Art therapy became an official course of therapeutic treatment in the 1940s but art itself has been used by people for centuries as a tool for self-expression, as a communication source, and to heal themselves

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Stammering is a speech-related problem where an individual repeats a part of a word or a whole word. It is possible to make stammer less noticeable by following simple steps by the individual and also by others. Stammering is more common in children than adults.


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopmental problem, that can cause significant social, communication and behavioural challenges. People will say Autism or ASD for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The word spectrum in this context refers to the wide range of symptoms and severity. This means different people with ASD will display or experience different symptoms.

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Attention and listening combined, are essentially the foundational layer of communication and are imperative to the development of language. It’s the ability to focus and listen (in very young children, listening and focusing is hard but this develops with age).