1. Why do I need to register with Therapy Fort?

You can display and market your practice safe and securely in our digital platform.


2. Do I need to pay fee when I register with Therapy Fort from first month?

No, first four (4) months free membership and then you start paying small fee.


3. Do I have to pay fee after the free membership period?

Yes, membership is based on subscription after the free period.


Individual membershipMonthly£ 10
Yearly£ 100
Organisational membershipMonthly£ 25

4. What is ‘Refer a friend discount’?

When you refer a friend, you will get one month free membership.


5. Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership any time.

1. What is Therapy Fort?

Therapy Fort is a digital platform bridging the gap demand for the private therapists and availability of therapists near to you.


2. Why should I use Therapy Fort?

– Using Therapy Fort is very simple and easy. – You have flexibility to choose a single or multiple specialist therapists based on your requirements. – You can select the appointment time at your convenience without disrupting your busy schedule. – You can pick a therapist who speaks your native language [if he or she has registered with us].


3. What does Private Therapy mean?

Private therapy means you pay fees for your therapy service.


4. Can I expect choosing multiple professional therapists to provide collaborative support a stroke?

Yes, when you select the Therapist, please look for interest to join in Multi professional support.


5. Who is responsible for the therapy / intervention I receive?

The Therapist you selected provides your therapy / intervention and he or she is responsible for the treatment.


6. How do I select a Therapist?

It is easy and simple; you can select the Therapist from the drop menu at your selected location.


7. Do I need a GP referral?

No, you do not need a GP referral to book a private Therapist.


8. How do I book an appointment?

Once you selected the Therapist, you can contact via Enquiry section or phone number or email.


9. Can I book Therapist for my new born baby?

Yes, you can find Therapists for all age group, from new born baby to elderly.


10. Who do I pay for my Therapy?

You pay directly to your therapist.


11. Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, you should arrange appointment cancellation with your Therapist.


12. How do I arrange multiple professional therapy support?

You select therapists who are opted for Multiple professional support. They work collaboratively to achieve the common goal.